First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy 5

Handphone Samsung Galaxy S5 probably isn't the reinvention of the smartphone. But unlike last year's Galaxy S4, there's a good chance some of the new features announced could be of actual use to normal human beings.

Of course, a few minutes with the Galaxy S5 wasn't enough time to reach a full verdict on the phone, but it was enough to get a basic feel for what Samsung's (SSNLF) latest offering can and can't do.

The 5.1 inch display has the same 1080p resolution as last year's 5-inch screen, but due to some new technology, it's definitely brighter, which at the very least, makes everything look nicer. And according to Samsung, the special technology which makes that screen brighter also improves performance in direct sunlight. At the expense of your battery, of course.
Fingerprint Scanner 
Like the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner is probably the most eye-catching of the new features, which adds an extra level of security and/or convenience to the device. While it does require you to swipe your whole finger pad over the sensor (unlike the iPhone, which simply lets you place it on the sensor), it worked smoothly the few times I was able to use it.
Power Saver 
Battery life matters! Samsung put a slightly bigger battery in the Galaxy S5, but the more important thing was to offer up a useful power saver feature which lets you know what parts of the phone to turn off, and how much battery life that will gain you. It's most extreme mode will actually shut down LTE, cut you off from the vast majority of your apps, and turn the screen grey scale, apparently allowing it to last for days without a charge
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Samsung's new phase detection auto-focus means that the camera is now capable of a nice blur effect in the background when you photograph an object up close. The shutter was reasonably fast with bright indoor light, though it did seem to have trouble handling a couple of weird lighting situations and slowed down considerably. How much the image quality has or hasn't improved over the S4 is still to be determined, however.
There was no way to really test how worthy the water and dust-resistant features were (save for dumping a bottle of water on it?), but if the weatherproofing is half as good as Samsung claims it is, everyone wins.
Hardware Design 
The hardware design of the phone isn't much better, or even different, than it has been in years' past. If you like it, you like it. (I don't.) The texture and material used on the back is much improved and makes the phone feel less cheap when you're holding it, but the colors to choose from are mildly depressing. And when it comes to size and pocketability, at this point, everyone should already know what they're getting into when they buy a 5-inch phone. The Galaxy S5 is big, but it's not completely unwieldy.
Software Design 
Samsung's TouchWiz UI is back in its same fundamental form, but it does look better, visually speaking. Fonts and icons generally look cleaner, but everything is still organized in the same manner as past TouchWiz iterations. That said, it doesn't seem like a huge improvement over anything offered up by the likes of Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500), Nokia (NOK), or even HTC. And Samsung still hasn't done much to improve the experience running two apps side-by-side.
Heart Rate Monitor 
I mean, I guess it's cool Samsung put this on the phone? It doesn't detract from anything at all, but this sensor definitely seems more useful in its new Gear Fit wearable.
At the very least, many of the features included in samsung Galaxy S5 have more potential than the new features included in last year's model. To what extent that potential is realized will take a little more hands-on time however.

Analyzing Raymond Felton's gun charges, future in NBA

New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton has been charged with three offenses under New York law for unlawful possession of a firearm. The most serious is second-degree criminal possession, a felony charge that carries a minimum sentence of three and a half years behind bars. Felton's charges stem from his estranged wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, reportedly handing over a Belgian pistol (FNH 5.7x28 mm) to New York police and claiming it belonged to Felton. Raymondo-Felton's decision to turn over the gun appears connected to a heated argument Felton may have had with his girlfriend, whose name has not been released by law enforcement.

The charges
Unfortunately for Felton, New York is probably the worst state to be charged with illegal possession of guns. Prosecutors do not need to establish how Felton obtained the gun or why he possessed the gun, only that he possessed the gun. Felton has thus been charged with a strict liability offense: if he possessed the gun, he's guilty and a judge would sentence him to at least three and a half years behind bars. Felton could seek a plea deal in hopes of a lesser sentence. Former NFL star Plaxico Burress, who faced similar charges in New York, ultimately pleaded guilty to lesser charges, but it was far from a legal win for Burress. Burress spent nearly two years behind bars. Plus, as discussed below, pleading guilty would carry legal significance for the NBA as it considers suspending Felton, while the Knicks could potentially try to void the remainder of Felton's deal.

Felton's legal defenses
Even if Felton lawfully registered this gun in another state, Felton cannot escape a conviction under New York law. Gun registration is by state, and New York law requires guns entering the state to be registered in New York. Similarly, Felton will not be cleared by arguing that he was simply unaware that possessing this gun was in violation of New York law. Failure to know the law is almost always a losing argument in a criminal case.
A legal defense that could work for Felton is that he did not possess this gun. In order to gain a conviction, prosecutors must establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Felton actually possessed the Belgian pistol. This point reveals a crucial difference in evidence between the incidents involving Burress and Felton. While Burress had no logical way of arguing he didn't possess a gun used to shoot himself, Felton's connections to the Belgian pistol are less obvious. As of now, the only reported link between Felton and this pistol is that his estranged wife handed the pistol over to law enforcement and claimed it belonged to Felton. If that remains the only link, watch for Felton to portray his estranged wife as unreliable and, given their pending divorced, biased. He may raise similar themes about his alleged girlfriend if she testifies against him.
Prosecutors can establish Felton's possession in other ways. For instance, if Felton registered the gun in another state, if his fingerprints are on the gun, or if photographs and videos show him with the gun, prosecutors can show a connection between Felton and the gun. Felton's lawyers, however, can use various devices to attempt to explain away those pieces of evidence. For instance, they may insist any photographs and videos show him with another gun. They may also raise suspicions about how any fingerprints were found on the Belgian gun. Still, his lawyers will have their work cut out for them.
Felton's future in the NBA -- and Adam Silver's first big test
An immediate challenge for Felton is whether he can travel with the Knicks and leave the state of New York while facing the charges. As part of the bail process, Felton will have to convince a judge that he is not a flight risk or a danger to the public, and that he needs to travel with the Knicks in order to fulfill his employment contract. A judge would likely permit him to travel under strict conditions. One game Felton will have trouble playing in is the April 11 matchup against the Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre. The Knicks' legal team will have to convince Canadian immigration officials to permit an employee facing felony charges to enter Canadian soil.
Of even greater concern to Felton is whether he will face an NBA suspension. Recall that then-NBA commissioner David Stern suspended Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas indefinitely in January 2010 after reports surfaced that Arenas brought guns into the Wizards locker room. Arenas would be charged by D.C. police and then pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge. In March 2010, Stern specified that Arena's suspension would be for the remainder of the 2009-10 season, costing Arenas 50 games.
New commissioner Adam Silver will face his first major disciplinary decision with Felton. Like Stern, Silver is an attorney and he will likely scrutinize the charges and available evidence before making a decision. Silver will also rely on the counsel of Rick Buchanan, the league's general counsel and executive vice president. Silver and Buchanan undoubtedly know that the league's image is tarnished with fans, media and lawmakers when players are connected to guns. On the other hand, they do not want to punish a player who may ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing. This is a crucial point for Felton as he considers his legal options: if he pleads guilty to any crime, the NBA would be clearly justified in suspending him.
If the NBA suspends Felton for more than 12 games, Felton and the NBA Players' Association can seek an independent review of the suspension. This is a key distinction between the NBA and NFL's systems of justice. While NBA players have a right to appeal suspensions to a neutral arbitrator, NFL players do not.
Knicks' capacity to void Felton's contract
Felton's greatest worry may be whether the Knicks will use these charges as grounds to void his contract. Felton's contract calls for him to earn $3.6 million this season, $3.7 million next season and a player option for $4.0 million in 2015-16. Felton is averaging a career-low 10.3 points and his play has drawn much criticism this season, with the gun charges only further hurting his standing with Knicks officials. It stands to reason the Knicks may be interested in severing ties with their point guard all together.
The Knicks could try to terminate Felton's contract under Clause 16 of the NBA's Uniform Player Contract. In theory, this clause allows NBA teams to void a contract if a player, "fails, refuses, or neglects to conform his personal conduct to standards of good citizenship, good moral character (defined here to mean not engaging in acts of moral turpitude, whether or not such acts would constitute a crime), and good sportsmanship..." The Knicks would have to first place Felton on waivers. Assuming he clears waivers -- a safe bet -- the Knicks would then notify Felton that his contract has been voided. To be sure, the Knicks' legal argument for terminating Felton's contract would be strengthened if Felton is convicted or if he pleads guilty.
In reality, the Knicks would be inviting a legal fight if they tried to void Felton's contract. Any attempt would be met with a grievance filed by the players' association to a neutral arbitrator. Keep in mind, an arbitrator prevented the Golden State Warriors from terminating Latrell Sprewell's contract even after he chocked his coach, P.J. Carlesimo. The Celtics were also unable to void Vin Baker's contract in 2004, despite apparently compelling evidence his drinking problems prevented him from working. The Celtics ultimately worked out a buyout with Baker, where he would receive a little less than half of the remainder of his $35 million contract. Perhaps the Knicks can try to accomplish the same with Felton and negotiate a buyout.

Neo Samsung Galaxy Y ( GT - S5312 ) , Galaxy Variants Cheapest

Samsung would be a great name many reasons to choose a device made ​​by Korean vendors use this as a phone . Realizing this , Samsung also seems to try to provide a lot of enhancements for all levels of user segments .
The newest Handphone Samsung smartphones even bring to class beginner who just wants to try the Android system with a relatively very affordable price for a branded Android smartphone via Y Neo also known as Pocket Neo in several other countries . Then how is it worth to be owned cell phone ?
Small , chubby and plastic makes the phone look like a toy cell phone , kid , though of course not .
Looks red thread on Neo Y design that connects to the design of the Galaxy series later present as S4 , S4 Mini , Mega Core and others . Only the home button on the side of the face appear larger due to the effect of the proportion between the size of the keys and the body of the phone ..
Flanking the home button , there are 2 buttons are capacitive menu and back in the bottom of the screen . While the power / lock and volume control located on the side bersebrangan , right and left edges of the phone body .
MicroUSB port that serves as a gateway connecting the charger and the data kebel toward computers were placed in the lower side audio port jacks inhabit the upper side . thats it and this is harga handphone samsung

The Ultimate Michael Jordan Birthday Tribute

There are very few retired athletes whose legacies should be honored whenever possible. Michael Jordan is perhaps the only such individual whose birthday always prompts us to dwell upon his greatness.

February 17, 2014, marks Jordan's 51st birthday, and it also gives us ample reason to compile the ultimate birthday tribute to "His Airness."

From remarkable performances and dunks to captivating stories and off-court entertainment, this slideshow features the best of MJ. The manner in which he impacted the game of basketball and sports culture in general is worthy of our reverence.

Happy 51st, Mike. You're always a joy to celebrate.

After the hype, Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' is strangely muted

With the notable exception of those breathless minutes in which U2 and members of the Rutgers Marching Band seemed to be standing way too close to the edge of the top of Rockefeller Center, the debut of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" was conspicuously, and seemingly consciously, low-energy.
Will Smith was the guest star, dutifully joining Fallon to dance the history of hip-hop, and Bono made a pretty hilarious speech about a coffee mug. But it was a surprisingly quiet premiere, pushed back half an hour by the Olympics and tamped down, perhaps, by all the Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien insanity that preceded it.
As if determined to distance himself further from the high-octane opening antics of the last new guy who tried to do this job -- O’Brien -- Fallon entered stage center in a muted gray suit. And if he didn’t go as far as apologizing for becoming the sixth man to host “The Tonight Show,” he did rigorously, and at times irritatingly, reaffirm his signature humility.“I just want to take care of the show for a while,” he explained, adding that “if you guys let me stick around long enough, maybe I’ll get the hang of it.”

Fallon has long positioned himself as a regular guy, the kind who would rather play charades with his guests than engage in lame interviews -- or, even better, just pick up a guitar and goof around. His likableness has taken him far. 
But even by his standards, the “aw shucks” factor was high on Monday night.
After a lovely opening credits intro directed by Spike Lee, Fallon took the stage, thanked his predecessors, and said: “I really don’t know how I got here." Speaking in a voice so quiet you could practically hear audience members swallow, he introduced himself to “those of you who are watching me for the first time, which is very possible,” starting with the basics. “I’m 39 years old, I live in New York City with my beautiful wife Nancy and my daughter Winnie who’s six months old ... and I love her so much.”
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He went on to introduce his parents, who were in the audience; his band The Roots, whom Fallon brought with him from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” and his “announcer and psychic” Steve Higgins (ditto.) He pointed out the four-leaf clover that would serve as his monologue mark, explained what a monologue is and then, finally, delivered one. It revolved rather weakly around the Olympics, and included a film clip of Matt Lauer and Al Roker on a bobsled (not a hallmark of comedic success) and a list of “Tonight Show Superlatives” that were very similar to the list he ran a few days ago during NBC’s Olympics coverage.
A very far cry from O’Brien’s lanky swagger or Leno’s self-confident poise and, to be frank, the whole "who, me? host 'The Tonight Show?'" seemed laid on a bit thick in parts. Fallon may not have served as Leno’s Rachel for seven years as O’Brien did, but he has been hosting “Late Night” for five and before that spent six years on “Saturday Night Live." So it’s not like he’s some slacker dude who just won the gig on “America’s Got Talent."
He also moved the show back to New York for the first time in 40 years, so he’s no shrinking violet either.
PHOTOS: Jimmy Fallon's 'Saturday Night Live' class: Where are they now?
Which is a good thing; violets, shrinking or otherwise, do not make good late-night hosts. And once Fallon moved behind the desk, and in front of a truly fabulous wooden miniature of New York, he seemed more comfortable, telling "my buddy who said I'd never host 'The Tonight Show': You owe me 100 bucks. Upon which Robert De Niro kicked off a hilarious mélange of stars appearing to slap down a Benjamin Franklin, including Joan Rivers, returning to “The Tonight Show” for the first time since Johnny Carson banished her in 1986, and Stephen Colbert, who showered Fallon with pennies and shouted “Welcome to 11:30, bitch.”
Now that’s more like it.
After Smith and Fallon did their hip-hop thang, the show moved to the Top of the Rock, where U2 perched along the edge of the roof against a glorious sunset, igniting cheers from the crowd and scaring the heart out of anyone with even a vague fear of heights. Back inside, Fallon chatted with Smith about fame and fear and then welcomed Bono, the Edge and the Gang for a little sit-down. After presenting Fallon with his own (red) guitar, they sang an acoustic version of  their Oscar-nominated “Ordinary Love,” which sounded, as so few late-night performances do, just fabulous.
PHOTOS: Classic 'Tonight Show' moments 
And that is where Fallon will make his mark on the show. He is the most musically inclined host since Steve Allen, with a pop-culture sensibility -- he referenced both "Masters of the Universe" and "Dune" in a description of an aerial view of Dubai -- to match his easy-going ways. He is playful, he is joyful and he is an astute user of social media, all of which one hopes he brings to the beloved but undeniably aging franchise.
But only if he can get over getting over himself. Too much public self-effacement can look like arrogance in disguise -- Uriah Heep was a very ‘umble man too. It’s great that Fallon can get Will Smith and U2, Tina Fey and Lady Gaga, but, as Smith pointed out, people will come to the show for him. As one assumes Fallon knows, because he changed Leno’s “The Tonight Show With” back to Carson’s “The Tonight Show Starring.”,0,4175291.story#axzz2tghttL00

Groupon claims 'President Hamilton' error was intentional

Groupon is honoring Presidents Day by giving customers an Alexander Hamilton --  $10 off $40 spent on a deal for any local business.

The promotion, which began this weekend, allows customers to "honor our money-minded Commander-In-Chief."

"The $10 bill, as everyone knows, features President Alexander Hamilton -- undeniably one of our greatest presidents and most widely recognized for establishing the country's financial system," Chicago-based Groupon says on its webpage.

But, there's just one flaw in the promotional plan: Hamilton was never president.

Hamilton is considered a Founding Father and was the country's first Secretary of the Treasury. He led the development of the economic policies of President George Washington, one of today's actual honorees, and the nascent nation. 

It's just too bad there isn't Treasury Secretary Day to have sales in his honor.

An inquiry on Monday morning garnered this response from a spokesman:

"Groupon is always very serious about helping our customers save money, and saving $10 is no laughing matter."

The spokesman later confirmed the mistake was an intentional stunt.

"Most Presidents' Day promotions make people fall asleep, so we wanted to do something different that was in line with our brand and sense of humor that got people talking and writing about Groupon," he wrote in an email.

For what it's worth, Groupon said the fake was "an overwhelming success" in terms of marketing exposure and tweets.,0,1239710.story

Titanfall beta registration opens for Xbox One, PC, kicks off Feb. 14

Players interested in taking part in the closed beta for Titanfall can now register to play the Xbox One and Windows PC versions of the futuristic first-person shooter.

Titanfall beta registration

In a release, publisher Electronic Arts confirmed that the beta will launch on Feb. 14. Those who have been selected to take part will be notified by publisher Electronic Arts via email "no later than 11:59 p.m. PT on Feb. 17th." Registration for the Titanfall beta closes on Friday, Feb. 14 at 4 p.m. PT.

Included in the beta will be three game modes: team-based deathmatch mode Attrition, control point mode Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing, in which "everyone on both teams starts with a titan in a round-based mode that ends when one team has lost all of their titans. There's no respawning and no replacement titans can be called down."

Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella announced last week that people won't need to pre-order Titanfall for beta access; in fact, he said yesterday, doing so "will not help" your chances — not everyone who pre-ordered will get in to the beta.

"We tried but just couldn't do it," said Zampella on Twitter. "If it were up to me I would let most of you in (always a few bad apples). Sadly, we have restrictions that we couldn't avoid."

Respawn will hand out invites in waves "to make sure it works," said Zampella. He added that the beta won't be exclusive to the U.S., and it won't require EA's Origin service on Xbox One.

Titanfall is set for release March 11 on PC and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 version, which is being developed by Bluepoint Games, will be available March 25.

Update: EA released a new trailer for Titanfall, highlighting gameplay from the upcoming beta.

Tony Benn seriously ill in hospital

Former cabinet minister and veteran left-wing campaigner Tony Benn has spent a fourth night in hospital.

The former Labour MP, 88, was admitted over the weekend and is understood to be seriously ill.

A family spokesman said: "Tony Benn was taken to hospital on Saturday evening after feeling unwell. He is currently receiving treatment."

Mr Benn entered Parliament in November 1950 and served in the cabinet under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan.

He narrowly missed out on election as Labour deputy leader in 1981, and was instrumental in the party's 1983 general election manifesto.

After stepping down from Parliament in 2001, he became a popular public speaker and anti-war campaigner, and remains an influential figure in the Labour movement.

His most recent public appearance was in December, when he paid tribute to Nelson Mandela at a special event in Westminster Hall.

Premier League: Alan Curbishley salutes West Brom after draw at Chelsea

West Brom are showing great spirit in their fight to beat the drop in the Premier League and fully deserved to avoid defeat by Chelsea, says Alan Curbishley.

The Blues were stifled for long periods at the Hawthorns on Tuesday night but still looked set for the spoils after a goal just before the interval by defender Branislav Ivanovic.

However, Victor Anichebe came off the bench to nod in an equaliser three minutes from time to earn his battling side a draw against the league leaders.

"It looked as though Chelsea were grinding out the three points but all credit to West Brom," Curbishley told Match Choice on Sky Sports.

"They came right back into it, especially in the last 20 minutes, and put Chelsea under a lot of pressure and in the end they deserved their point.

"It wasn't a silky performance from Chelsea and Jose Mourinho did say he'd take the point. They didn't have many clear cut chances and the goal came from a set play. You'd think with the players they've got, they'd open up West Brom - but they didn't really do it."

The single point hoisted the Baggies out of the bottom three, although if Sunderland get anything at Manchester City on Wednesday night, it will be the Black Cats who swap places with them.

It means West Brom's new coach Pepe Mel is still searching for his first win in charge, but there seems to be encouraging signs for his team.

Curbishley, appointed recently as first-team director at Fulham, added: "West Brom came back against Liverpool (drew 1-1 on February 2) and now they've done it with Chelsea.

"They've shown a lot of spirit to get back into these games against a top four team and the league leaders. On both occasions, they deserved a point and it shows how tough it is and how competitive the Premier League is where the bottom teams can take points off the top teams.

"West Brom don't have an out-and-out striker though with someone who can get 15 goals to elevate them into mid-table. They've got a good team ethic which holds them in good stead. They're picking up draws but they'll need to start picking up some wins."

Happy Hammers

One team who weren't so lucky on Tuesday night were Norwich City, who impressed Curbishley, despite slumping to a 2-0 loss at West Ham.

It's a remarkable turnaround in fortunes for Sam Allardyce who looked set for the sack a month ago, while Chris Hughton's stuttering Canaries are languishing just one point from safety.

James Collins and Mohamed Diame scored late on to secure the points for the hosts in an open contest at Upton Park and Curbishley said: "Norwich played really well but they just couldn't get a goal.

"It's another good performance from them where they haven't picked up a point. They brought in Gary Hooper and Ricky van Wolfswinkel in the summer and they just haven't clicked.

"As for West Ham, there was a clamour for Allardyce's head not so long ago (they were beaten 5-0 by Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup and 6-0 by Manchester City in the league in January). He's turned it around within four games where they've had four clean sheets."

Shirley Temple Black dead at 85

Woodside, California: Shirley Temple, the dimpled, curly-haired child star who sang, danced, sobbed and grinned her way into the hearts of Depression-era moviegoers, has died, according to publicist Cheryl Kagan. She was 85.

Temple, known in private life as Shirley Temple Black, died Monday night at about 11 pm at her home near San Francisco. She was surrounded by family members and caregivers, Kagan said.

"We salute her for a life of remarkable achievements as an actor, as a diplomat, and most importantly as our beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and adored wife for fifty-five years of the late and much missed Charles Alden Black," a family statement said.

A talented and ultra-adorable entertainer, Shirley Temple was America's top box-office draw from 1935 to 1938, a record no other child star has come near. She beat out such grown-ups as Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Robert Taylor, Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford.

In 1999, the American Film Institute ranking of the top 50 screen legends ranked Temple at No. 18 among the 25 actresses. She appeared in scores of movies and kept children singing On the Good Ship Lollipop for generations.

Temple was credited with helping save 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy with films such as Curly Top and The Littlest Rebel. She even had a drink named after her, an appropriately sweet and innocent cocktail of ginger ale and grenadine, topped with a maraschino cherry.

Temple blossomed into a pretty young woman, but audiences lost interest, and she retired from films at 21. She raised a family and later became active in politics and held several diplomatic posts in Republican administrations, including ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the historic collapse of communism in 1989.

"I have one piece of advice for those of you who want to receive the lifetime achievement award. Start early," she quipped in 2006 as she was honoured by the Screen Actors Guild.

But she also said that evening that her greatest roles were as wife, mother and grandmother. "There's nothing like real love. Nothing." Her husband of more than 50 years, Charles Black, had died just a few months earlier.

Temple's expert singing and tap dancing in the 1934 feature Stand Up and Cheer! first gained her wide notice. The number she performed with future Oscar winner James Dunn, Baby Take a Bow, became the title of one of her first starring features later that year.

Also in 1934, she starred in Little Miss Marker, a comedy-drama based on a story by Damon Runyon that showcased her acting talent. In Bright Eyes, Temple introduced On the Good Ship Lollipop and did battle with a charmingly bratty Jane Withers, launching Withers as a major child star, too.

She was "just absolutely marvelous, greatest in the world," director Allan Dwan told filmmaker-author Peter Bogdanovich in his book Who the Devil Made It: Conversations With Legendary Film Directors. ''With Shirley, you'd just tell her once and she'd remember the rest of her life," said Dwan, who directed Heidi and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. ''Whatever it was she was supposed to do — she'd do it. ... And if one of the actors got stuck, she'd tell him what his line was — she knew it better than he did."

Temple's mother, Gertrude, worked to keep her daughter from being spoiled by fame and was a constant presence during filming. Her daughter said years later that her mother had been furious when a director once sent her off on an errand and then got the child to cry for a scene by frightening her. "She never again left me alone on a set," she said.

Temple became a nationwide sensation. Mothers dressed their little girls like her, and a line of dolls was launched that are now highly sought-after collectables. Her immense popularity prompted President Franklin D. Roosevelt to say that "as long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right."

"When the spirit of the people is lower than at any other time during this Depression, it is a splendid thing that for just 15 cents, an American can go to a movie and look at the smiling face of a baby and forget his troubles," Roosevelt said.

Western Bulldogs list rankings: Every player rated ahead of the 2014 AFL season

OVER the next 18 days SuperFooty and Fox Footy will count down to the 2014 AFL season by taking the blowtorch to every club’s list.

We’ll list every player and rank them into one of five categories: Guns (in the elite of the competition); stars (very good players who aren’t quite superstars); foot soldiers (regulars who get the job done each week); crossroads (fringe players who are playing for their career or are yet to cement a spot in the side); and who knows (too early to make a call).


We’ve seen Richmond and Geelong and continue the series with the Western Bulldogs.

After a promising finish to 2013, the Dogs are looking to climb the ladder in Brendan McCartney’s third season.

New captain Ryan Griffen leads an elite midfield but the club’s forward line is where the most development is needed.

Is recruit Stewart Crameri the answer?


Ryan Griffen

27 years old, 183 games. Position: Midfield

The newly minted Bulldogs captain was nigh untaggable at times in 2013. Griffen averaged 28 touches, four tackles per game and 116 SuperCoach points. Don’t expect his output to diminish with the added responsibility.

SUPERCOACH SPECIAL: Griffen went on an eight-week tear mid-season when he averaged 138 and scored 140+ four times. He will cost you $627k this year but will return the investment.


Stewart Crameri

24, 57. Position: Forward

Crameri’s move to the Bulldogs is set to boost his AFL standing - don’t be surprised if he’s in the Guns category this time next year. The former Bomber has the versatility to offer a target in attack and move into the midfield. He averaged 4.4 marks and two goals a game last year at Essendon and the Bulldogs hope those numbers will increase. His arrival will also take the pressure off the club’s other talls.

Adam Cooney

28, 201. Position: Midfield

Cooney returned to an elite level in 2013 after four years battling a knee injury (averaging 25 disposals per game at 73 per cent efficiency). The Bulldogs will hope he continues to improve and provide outside run and carry to complement the team’s outstanding inside ball-winners.

Robert Murphy

31, 249. Position: Defence

The wily veteran returned to defence in 2013 – where he was All-Australian in 2011 – and provided much needed experience and some valuable run and carry as he ranked No.1 at the club for rebound 50s. Murphy will miss the start of the season after suffering an elbow injury .

Matthew Boyd

31, 220. Position: Midfield

Boyd endured a difficult season as injuries and poor form took their toll. The former captain played only 13 matches but still managed to average 29 touches a game and Brendan McCartney will hope the tough midfielder can lead the Bulldogs’ midfield group again in 2014

Shaun White's halfpipe loss a big win for all his Sochi Winter Olympics competitors

In the past eight years, Shaun White and his shock of red hair like the fires of hell made snowboarding one of the coolest sports on the planet.

Shaun White's

So when he finished fourth in the men's halfpipe on Tuesday night, failing to win his third Olympic gold medal in the event, why did his fellow snowboarders celebrate like they'd won?

"Well, fourth was a gift, first of all," said his US teammate Danny Davis, who finished 10th. "You know it's good for snowboarding, man. The world knows now that there are other snowboarders besides Shaun. It's great, man, because there are a bunch of good riders in our sport and they deserve some credit, too."

There are three battles being fought on the slopes of Rosa Khutor at these Olympics: one is for medals, one is against the apparent shoddy nature of the halfpipe and slopestyle courses, and the other is for snowboarding's soul.

There is an uneasy struggle between snowboarding's slip into the mainstream as an Olympic sport and keeping its traditions as an alternative pursuit.

With an estimated net worth of $40 million, White is the poster boy for its commercialisation. "I always want to be more than just a snowboarder," said White after failing to medal behind winner Iouri Podladtchikov of Switzerland. "This is a big part of who I am, but it's not all of who I am."

The reaction of the crowd at the men's halfpipe final illuminated the importance of the sport to the Winter Olympics. Podladtchikov was born in Russia, grew up in Switzerland. He represented Russia at the Winter Olympics in 2006, but has represented the Swiss since gobbling up a scholarship in 2007.

When he put down a sizzling second run to clinch gold, the heaving Russian crowd didn't seem to care he had changed national allegiance. They just revelled in his aerial trickery, ooh-ing and aah-ing like they were wide-eyed Smurfs.

"It's hot, cool and it's f---ing mine," Podladtchikov said afterwards, putting a unique twist on the motto of the Sochi Games.

In recent years, the IOC has introduced modern, alternative sports to the summer and winter Games – and in some cases shed older ones – in order to capture a younger audience.

The sight of David Beckham with his young sons at the BMX finals at the London Olympics two years ago neatly summed up the IOC's thinking. Consequently, though, there is a fear among the purists that their sport is selling out.

Australian snowboarder Torah White told Fairfax Media last week: "I am here in an event run by the Olympic committee that just makes buckets and buckets of money and doesn't really give back. I'm torn in the middle."

As far as his peers are concerned, the only one making buckets and buckets of money is White. The Flying Tomato has become the Flying Dollar Sign. He is so wealthy and influential, he and his sponsors built a halfpipe in secret in Perisher in the lead-up to Sochi, just to practice on.

"I don't think tonight makes or breaks my career," White said in the wash-up of his fourth placing.

With the commercial pulling power in the US of NFL superstar Peyton Manning, you sense his career will be OK.

US teammate Greg Bretz has said White doesn't love snowboarding like others love snowboarding. Then snowboard filmmaker Chris Grenier branded him a "whore".

"I don't know Shaun White personally," Grenier told USA Today. "But he doesn't give a [expletive] about the snowboarding community. He's whored himself out where he has a scooter company and they sell Shaun White shoes at Walmart."

Some say it all comes down to the hair. His signature flowing, flames have been cut. His more the Sherminator than halfpipe shredder.

"When you're younger, you don't really think about it," White has said of furthering his brand. "You just have long, red hair and do your jumps and tricks. I may have lost a little bit of hair, but I'm still the same guy."

Who just came fourth. His contemporaries could not be happier, even if their place in the sport can be attributed largely to him.

Downing Street seeks to calm ministerial row

Downing Street is urging unity after reports of a clash between senior ministers over the UK's response to the flooding crisis.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles are thought to be at odds over the performance of the Environment Agency.

No 10 did not deny Mr Paterson had complained about his colleague but said both were doing an "excellent job".

The government will have to defend its response later in Parliament.

Commons Speaker John Bercow has granted Labour an urgent question to ask about the government's handling of the floods crisis while the government's latest Cobra emergency meeting will take place at 16:00 GMT.

'Get a grip'
It is not clear whether Mr Pickles or Mr Paterson, who is recovering from an eye operation, will appear at the dispatch box to defend the government's handling of the crisis at 15:30 GMT.

Labour has accused ministers of fighting "like ferrets in a sack".

"It is a disgrace that you have got government ministers pointing the finger of blame at each other when they should be rolling their sleeves up and helping those affected," said opposition leader Ed Miliband.

"The prime minister has got to get a grip on the government's response to flooding."

The escalating political row over the UK's preparedness came as river levels continued to rise along the River Thames in Berkshire and Surrey - leading to 16 severe flood warnings.

Continue reading the main story

image of Norman Smith
Norman Smith
Chief political correspondent, BBC News Channel
It is certain to infuriate those residents affected by flooding - but the floods crisis now appears to have developed into an ugly blame game among the politicians.

First Communities Secretary Eric Pickles waded into the Environment Agency and its boss Chris Smith, suggesting he should consider his position and accusing the agency of "misjudgements."

Now Lord Smith has hit back, saying his staff know one hundred times more about floods than any politician and accusing ministers of "playing politics."

At the same time, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has protested to the prime minister over Mr Pickles' bruising criticism of the Environment Agency.

And for good measure the former Floods Minister Richard Benyon has rounded on Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger - who described Lord Smith as a "git" - accusing him of being "silly" and "demeaning himself".

No wonder then that this morning the Energy Secretary Ed Davey publicly appealed for an end to the blame game.

What does it tell us? That the floods crisis has all the potential to turn into a serious political crisis - hence the reason politicians are already taking sides.

On Sunday, Mr Pickles - currently co-ordinating the UK's floods response - suggested the government relied too much on Environment Agency advice and "made a mistake" by not dredging the flood-hit Somerset Levels earlier.

He also gave lukewarm support for the agency, saying he would "not wear a save Chris Smith T-shirt".

The BBC understands that Mr Paterson has complained "in the strongest possible terms" to the prime minister about what he called Mr Pickles' "grandstanding".

Asked about the issue, No 10 did not deny that Mr Paterson had protested at his colleague's comments and would not confirm who would co-ordinate the response when the environment secretary returns to work.

"What needs to happen and is happening is for the government to come together," a spokesman said.

Downing Street defended the agency's handling of the crisis. "Everyone at the Environment Agency, including Chris Smith, has got an important job to do and they should keep doing it," the spokesman added.

Lord Smith has acknowledged he could have done more to make the case for river dredging last year but said he would not allow ministers to question his staff's "expertise and professionalism".

Eric Pickles: "We should have dredged... I apologise unreservedly"
"I am there to be a punchbag. My staff are not," he told the BBC News Channel, adding that he would not "take lessons" from Mr Pickles on running his organisation.

But he urged all sides to refrain from the "briefing and sniping of recent times" and focus on the "serious business" of protecting people's homes and livelihoods.

Lord Smith, who has rejected calls for some quarters to resign, said the agency's response had been dictated by Treasury rules on how much could be spent on individual flood defence schemes.

He said the body had stumped up £400,000 last year for dredging in the Somerset Levels - "the maximum amount the Treasury rules allowed us to do" - but the government and other organisations had not provided similar sums to enable the work, estimated to cost £4m, to go ahead.

"I will apologise for probably not having done enough to twist arms with county councils, district councils, drainage boards and others in order to come to the table along with us to get those funds on the table for dredging last year.

"We should have done more to persuade people".

But he said he would not apologise for the Treasury rules and the "limitations" they placed on his agency.

Survey: Men Would Prefer to Have Sex on Valentine’s Day

Flowers, jewelry, chocolate, teddy bears — the conventional Valentine’s Day gifts have a decidedly feminine slant to them, but a new survey shows that men think they’re the ones really cleaning up when it comes to Valentine’s Day: Guys think their significant others will spend $230 on them, while women expect that their main squeezes will spend, on average, $196 on them. Both men and women who are in relationships expect an average of $240 will be spent on them.

According to the Chase Blueprint Valentine’s Day Survey, though, both genders might be a little overly optimistic when it comes to their expectations for Valentine’s Day. Women said they plan to spend an average of $27 less than the $98 guys say they’ll shell out — which means neither gender plans to spend nearly as much as they want to have spent on them.

Not into shelling out the big bucks? A new survey hints at one way couples can avoid breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day: Two-thirds of men and 30% of women say they’d rather have sex than get a gift for the holiday. Chase found that 43% of men and about half as many women don’t want a Valentine’s Day gift.

Fewer people are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by buying gifts. The National Retail Federation’s new survey of more than 6,4000 people finds that respondents celebrating the holiday plan to spend an average of just under $134, about three bucks more than last year, but the number of people planning to celebrate it this year has fallen — just 54% compared to 60% last year. RetailMeNot finds that almost 20% of people don’t plan to spend anything on their significant other for Valentine’s Day.

About 70% of the more than 1,200 respondents to the Chase survey say they’d rather be surprised than pick out their own present for Valentine’s Day. Gift recipients prefer chocolate over flowers, tech toys over jewelry and dinner out over a home-cooked meal, although RetailMeNot finds that the number of people who want to stay in for the evening has gone up 10 percentage points since last year. The NRF survey finds that more than a third of people will give flowers or take their significant other out for the evening, about half of people will give candy and around 20% plan to buy jewelry.

The NRF survey also looks at Valentine’s spending beyond what people get for their significant others: Almost 60% will get something for a family member, 22% get gifts for friends and almost 20% get Valentine’s Day presents for their pets.

Game of Thrones extended preview offers glimpse of Purple Wedding, growing dragons and Tyrion in danger

Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing offers footage from season 4 along with interviews with the stars in response to questions from fans submitted via Twitter.

The clip teases the Purple Wedding between King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) and Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) with Charles Dance, who plays Tywin Lannister, revealing it ‘was like shooting a short film in itself’.

David Benioff, the show’s co-creator, claimed that Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) was in constant danger during the new series.

He said: ‘This is definitely the most dangerous season for Tyrion. It seems like in almost every episode he is in jeopardy of getting his head removed from his shoulders.’

Dinklage revealed that Tyrion is relegated to the sidelines in season 4.

He said: ‘Tyrion has never been faced with this much public humiliation, because he’s usually has an answer for it.

‘He’s usually centre stage and he usually is better at it than everyone around him.

‘This time around he’s left as an audience member.’

The cast also react to the carnage of the Red Wedding, reveal who their favourite character on the show is and chat about what they do off-set to occupy their time.

Emilia Clarke also reveals how Daenerys’ dragons are growing quickly with Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) warning her that they ‘can’t be tamed’.

New addition to the cast Pedro Pascal talks about playing Oberyn Martell, who he describes as ‘very, very dangerous’.

There are also more light-hearted moments with Dinklage and co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister) doing a little dance to cheer the crew up.

Game of Thrones season 4 will premiere in the US on April 6, at 9pm on HBO.

Me and Bob Costas

Most of the news coming out of Sochi last week was about how the hotels were not finished and about all the stray dogs roaming the area. This week, Bob Costas' eye infection has taken over my twitter feed. So of course it's only fitting that I come down with some sort of eye infection so I can stay current with the times.

The crazy thing is, before coming to Sochi I went to see my family physician in Minnesota to arm myself with the best medical advice for traveling abroad. I got a tetanus shot for precautionary reasons and I got some antibiotics because I tend to get respiratory illnesses on a regular basis. But the one thing I did not count on happening has happened – issues with my eyes.

Now, normally I wouldn't really care all too much if I was having an eye issue except for the eye that is bothering me is right eye and I use it to look into the viewfinder of my camera. So when I started to have some pain in that eye, I got concerned. The first day it bothered me, my eye was watering and would sometimes make it hard to focus while I was shooting video. The next day (today) I woke up and it's painful in the corner, red and swollen.

I figured I had some sort of sty or an eye infection, but was fairly certain I didn't have pink eye (my eyes were not itchy). So since things had progressed rather quickly with my eye, I decided to go see the doctor in the International Broadcast Center (IBC) since we really don't have many other options here.

The doctor immediately looked at it and said that I have a blocked tear duct. That's why it's so painful in the corner of my eye because my tears have nowhere to go so it's causing it to swell up and turn red. He said a warm compress should do the trick but also have me some antibiotic eye drops and even an oral antibiotic to try to fight this thing.

The bad news is if it doesn't go away in a couple of days, I will have to go elsewhere to have it drained. They don't have the proper instruments here at the IBC to be able to do that. I did do a warm compress two nights ago but in full disclosure, I didn't do it last night because I completely passed out in my hotel room. From now on I will be diligent in doing it to avoid having to go elsewhere to have it drained.

The only thing I'm glad about is that I'm not contagious with some sort of infection. I would hate to be the person to get anyone else an eye infection.

For those who have already asked on Twitter, I have not seen Bob Costas here in Sochi or even on TV for that matter.

Cal grieving over death of football player Ted Agu

A grim scene unfolded Friday at Haas Pavilion, in a building constructed to house athletic glory and pride. Not tragedy.

Less than a week after Cal football player Ted Agu rushed the Haas court to celebrate the basketball Bears' win over then-top-ranked Arizona - a happy college student embracing his college life - Cal officials gathered in an adjacent room and announced the worst news possible.

Agu, a 21-year-old walk-on defensive end from Bakersfield, collapsed and died early Friday morning after a supervised training run.

"There is no greater tragedy for us than to lose one of our incredibly bright and passionate young people, far too soon," said athletic director Sandy Barbour, fighting back tears.

Cal was prohibited by law from releasing detailed information about possible pre-existing medical conditions and will wait for the coroner to determine cause of death. Cal's athletic team doctor, Casey Batton, said that he had known Agu since he arrived in Berkeley as a freshman in 2010 and had never known him to struggle in workouts before.

According to Batton, Agu was on an early-morning training run with the football team. When he started to struggle, near Bowles Hall - about 150 yards from the stadium - officials put him on a cart to drive him back. Batton said Agu was alert, talking and hydrating on the ride, but collapsed as the cart entered the stadium. CPR was immediately administered, a defibrillator was utilized and emergency personnel arrived. Agu was transported to Alta Bates Medical Center, where he died.

Though Cal quickly put up a protective shield around the team, and not many outside the program knew much about Agu, by all accounts he was a shining example of what college athletics can be. He was a walk-on to Jeff Tedford's team who had earned an athletic scholarship last spring from Dykes.

"I can't tell you how sad this makes me feel," said Tedford, the new offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay. "When I first heard it, I couldn't believe it. I can't imagine what his teammates are going through because it happened right in front of them."

Agu was described as a young man with a zest for life, academics and his team. He wanted to go to medical school. He worked as a peer counselor for incoming freshmen.

"Ted's the ultimate team guy," Dykes said. "He came here because he loved the game. He had a passion for life, he loved to learn, he loved to laugh. He had a great sense of humor.

"He was rewarded with an athletic scholarship because of his hard work and dedication. He's what's good about college athletics. He's exactly what you want from a young man."

This is one more blow to a struggling program. Cal has been under a dark cloud in recent years, enduring a terrible stretch plagued by the type of problems that often hit athletic programs: losses on the field, problems in the classroom, recruiting difficulties, financial woes. Dykes has been criticized quite often since he arrived at Cal in December 2012.

The death of a player is in a completely different category. A sobering loss that makes every other difficulty pale in comparison.

Jimmy Fallon gets emotional during final 'Late Night'

It's not so much "goodbye" as "taking a break."

With Jimmy Fallon's departure from "Late Night" on Friday after five years in the host chair, he'll be off the NBC airwaves a scant 10 days before bouncing back as host of "The Tonight Show," which was vacated Thursday by Jay Leno after 22 years.

"I'm really going to miss being on TV at 12:37," Fallon joked in his farewell monologue, where his "fierce rivals" have been CBS host Craig Ferguson "and a Veggie-Chopper infomercial."

But if he was overjoyed at graduating to a berth one hour earlier — and all through the finale he radiated joy — at the same time he could hardly keep his tear ducts in check.

"I'm not gonna cry," he vowed, "but I'm gonna get really close."

"You got to pull it together, man," teased his very last guest, fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum Andy Samberg.

"'I'm just a big ol' moosh. 'Irish Moosh' was my nickname in high school," replied Fallon.

The 39-year-old Fallon has promised that nothing much will change with his talk-comedy-music formula, except the new time slot and "Tonight Show" prestige.

But if it's not so big a change for Fallon (or his house band, the Roots, or his announcer, Steve Higgins, who all are coming along), it's a big change for "Tonight," which is returning to New York's Rockefeller Plaza after more than 40 years in Los Angeles, and returning to NBC's Studio 6B, once inhabited by "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson."

To complete this game of musical chairs, Seth Meyers (another "SNL" grad) becomes "Late Night" host starting Feb. 24.

"We're gonna be a great team back-to-back," Fallon said.

During his monologue, Fallon got nostalgic, with a dash of comedy. He said since premiering in March 2009, he had spun out 10,000 jokes, all of which he proceeded to sum up as: "Joe Biden needed Obamacare after Anthony Weiner texted Justin Bieber a picture of Chris Christie dating a Kardashian on the Jersey shore with Rob Ford."

More sincerely, Fallon voiced thanks to David Letterman for launching "Late Night," and to Conan O'Brien, its second host, as well as to his viewers, whose support "means the world to me. It makes me so happy."

The hour ended with a big musical number: Fallon on drums and singing the Band classic "The Weight," accompanied by a large ensemble of Muppets, complete with Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Then he made his exit from his longtime "Late Night" home, Studio 6A, and strode a few steps down a hallway to his soon-to-be new home. He opened the door to Studio 6B, identified as "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," to find a cheering, welcoming throng. Fade out.

Farrah Abraham’s Father Breaks His Silence After Her Abuse Claims

Farrah Abraham’s father is speaking out after her shocking claim that she was physically abused by both of her parents as a child. But surprisingly, Michael Abraham isn’t confirming or denying the allegations, simply saying that he is ‘praying’ for his daughter.
Farrah Abraham’s Father On Abuse Claims — He Addresses Star’s Allegations
Farrah was very specific as she detailed her violent past — which she claims includes physical abuse she endured at the hands of her parents, as well as being drugged and raped while promoting the release of her first sex tape. While Farrah’s father won’t confirm or deny the allegations she made against him and his ex-wife, Debra, he admits that their family has a troubled past.

“People that trash her and our family don’t know the problems and pain Farrah and us have had to deal with…” Michael explained on Facebook. “We are strong. We have hope. I pray for my daughter and every woman that has had to deal with such matters.”

We’re betting Farrah isn’t satisfied with her father’s vague response.

Farrah Abraham: I Don’t Want Second Sex Tape Released
Although Farrah has been making great strides in dealing with her history of abuse during her treatment on Vh1′s Couples Therapy, it seems like she still can’t catch a break. It was announced on Feb. 6 that Farrah would be starring in a second sex tape that includes never-before-seen footage.

UFC's Thiago Silva arrested after standoff with police

Thiago Silva appeared in a Broward County courtroom on Friday morning where Judge John Hurley ruled on the proceedings and after hearing arguments from both the state and the defense opted to reduce the charges against the fighter to two counts of felony aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest without violence.

Silva allegedly made several threats to his wife that precipitated Thursday's events including at one point sticking a gun in her mouth and also sending a text message to her saying 'you're going to die'. The situation was surrounding his wife's relationship with a jiu-jitsu instructor named Pablo Popovitch, who was also eventually threatened in the matter.

The judge ordered due to the severe threat of violence against his wife and Popovitch as well as the risk that Silva could jump bail and flee to Brazil where he is a citizen and may not be able to be extradited back to the United States that he be held without bond pending trial.  Silva was subsequently released from the UFC after the situation unfolded on Friday morning.


Thiago Silva, the veteran UFC light heavyweight fighter, is in custody tonight after an alleged standoff with the Broward County Sheriff's Department SWAT team in Oakland Park, Fla.

Silva's name turned up in an arrest records search on the Broward County Sheriff's website early Friday morning.

The 31-year-old Brazilian faces multiple charges, including two counts of attempted felony murder, one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and one count of resisting officer without violence to his or her person. Police have not released an official statement.

Zuffa, owner of the UFC, has released the following statement:

"This evening, we were made aware of a situation involving Thiago Silva. We are in the process of gathering the facts and have no further comment at this time."

According to several reports, an armed suspect went into a jiu-jitsu school at 777 E. Oakland Park Blvd., which belongs to famed Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Pablo Popovitch and allegedly began threatening people at the school.

No one was injured at the school and after the suspect left, the authorities were contacted, according to reports.

The situation began at around 7:45 p.m. local time in Florida when police were called to the scene.

From there the armed assailant went back to his home and barricaded himself inside. The house at 2041 Coral Heights Court was later identified as being owned by Silva as SWAT team members surrounded the home while trying to negotiate his surrender.

At 11:15 p.m., authorities confirmed that the suspect was in custody and the standoff had ended.

According to anonymous sources speaking to FOX Sports on Thursday, the altercation began because of a domestic dispute between Silva and his wife. Silva then proceeded to the jiu-jitsu school where he made the threats before leaving and ending up back at his home where police arrived shortly thereafter.

Silva had been scheduled to face Ovince St-Preux at UFC 171 in Dallas in March. The Brazilian lives and trains in Florida where he works with the Blackzilian MMA team based out of that area.

Dakota Johnson is 'shameless'

(CNN) -- When it comes to Dakota Johnson, there are zero shades of gray.
The 24-year-old actress, who's poised to become a breakout star in 2015's "Fifty Shades of Grey," has bluntly said that she's an open book for her racy role.
More unseen photos of Dakota Johnson in Elle
"I don't have any problem doing anything," Johnson tells Elle magazine of portraying Anastasia Steele, the young woman who gets a sexual education with a very steep learning curve in E.L. James' erotic novel.
"The secret," she says "is I have no shame."
As the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, Dakota has been determined to act since adolescence. But it wasn't until she was cast as Ana Steele -- much to the chagrin of some fans -- that she became more of a household name.
Meet Jamie Dornan, your new celeb crush
And it wasn't just the sure-to-be-publicized sex scenes that drew Johnson in.
"Reading the book, I found myself more interested in the ways they were breaking each other down emotionally than the sex scenes," Johnson explains to Elle. "I think there's a part of a woman that wants to be the thing that breaks a man down."
Or, perhaps, she wants to be the thing that breaks down an audience that didn't quite believe in her.

Lancaster AMBER Alert reaches millions via cell phones

Many people in Central Pennsylvania woke up to AMBER Alerts on their cell phones Thursday night, after two siblings in Lancaster were allegedly abducted by their father at gunpoint.

The alerts are the result of a partnership between the wireless industry, the FCC and FEMA to help bring missing children home safely.

People are automatically signed up to receive AMBER Alert texts if they have a phone that enables wireless emergency alerts, so the children and their father didn’t get very far before they were spotted.

Around 11:30 p.m. Thursday, Maggie Sweeney’s phone made a noise that she didn’t recognize.

“It kind of sounds like when you have warnings on your TV for inclement weather,” she said. “It was like that on my phone.”

The sound was followed by a text message. A Pennsylvania AMBER Alert with the license plate number and description of a car Lancaster police believed was carrying the two abducted children.

It was the first time many people received an AMBER Alert that way, and Andrew Horn thought it might be a virus.

“I hadn’t heard of blanket AMBER Alerts to just cell phones,” he said.

As of  January 1, 2013, AMBER Alerts are automatically sent to cell phone users with Wireless Emergency Alert-enabled phones.

Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler said it made all the difference in this case.

“Literally, the eastern part of the country was blanketed with these alerts, so I don’t know where they would have gotten to, but obviously this was resolved in less than 12 hours,” Sadler said.

You can opt out of the AMBER Alerts by calling your wireless carrier. On some phones, you can go into your emergency alerts settings and change it yourself.

But people FOX43 News spoke to said they don’t mind the alerts because they can help save lives.

“If someone has gone missing, especially a child, time is a factor,” Horn said. “A little lost sleep, I can roll over and go to bed, if I’m not out and about. But if I’m out and about, I can keep my eyes open.”

“I was thinking about it, and I was worried about the kids and wondering if they made it back okay, so it was a good process,” Sweeney said.

You may also get Wireless Emergency Alerts on your cell phone about extreme weather, local emergencies requiring people to evacuate and Presidential Alerts during a national emergency.

Ken Ham vs Bill Nye about creationism

Opinion by Ken Ham, special to CNN

(CNN) - Public debates on evolution and creation have become increasingly rare. Several hundred well-attended debates were held in the 1970s and 1980s, but they have largely dried up in recent decades.

So I look forward to a spirited yet cordial debate on Tuesday with Bill Nye, the "Science Guy" of television fame.

I also look forward to the opportunity to help counter the general censorship against creationists' view of origins. While we are not in favor of mandating that creation be taught in public school science classes, we believe that, at the very least, instructors should have the academic freedom to bring up the problems with evolution.

Even though the two of us are not Ph.D. scientists, Mr. Nye and I clearly love science.

As a former science instructor, I have appreciated the useful television programs that he hosted and produced, especially when he practiced operational science in front of his audience.

He and I both recognize the wonderful benefits that observational, operational science has brought us, from cell phones to space shuttles. But operational science, which builds today’s technology, is not the same as presenting beliefs about the past, which cannot be tested in the laboratory.

For students, the evolution-creation discussion can be a useful exercise, for it can help develop their critical thinking skills.

MORE ON CNN: Bill Nye: Why I'm Debating Ken Ham 

Most students are presented only with the evolutionary belief system in their schools, and they are censored from hearing challenges to it. Let our young people understand science correctly and hear both sides of the origins issue and then evaluate them.

Our public schools arbitrarily define science as explaining the world by natural processes alone. In essence, a religion of naturalism is being imposed on millions of students. They need to be taught the real nature of science, including its limitations.

Nye, the host of a popular TV program for children, should welcome a scrutiny of evolution in the classrooms.

As evolution-creation issues continue to be in the news – whether it relates to textbook controversies or our debate – there is an increasingly bright spotlight on the research activities of thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide who have earned doctorates and are creationists.

On our full-time staff at Answers in Genesis, we have Ph.D.s in astronomy, geology, biology, molecular genetics, the history of science, and medicine. Yes, creationists are still a small minority in the scientific community, but they hold impressive credentials and have made valuable contributions in science and engineering.

I remember the time I spoke at a lunchtime Bible study at the Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington. I was thrilled to meet several scientists and engineers who accept the book of Genesis as historical and reject Darwinian evolution. They shared with me that a belief in evolution had nothing to do with their work on the Hubble Space Telescope. Why should our perspective about origins be censored?

Our young people — and adults — should be aware that considerable dissent exists in the scientific world regarding the validity of molecules-to-man evolution.

It’s an important debate, for what you think about your origins will largely form your worldview. If you believe in a universe that was created by accident, then there is ultimately no meaning and purpose in life, and you can establish any belief system you want with no regard to an absolute authority.

Ultimately, I have decided to accept an authority — our infallible creator and his word, the Bible — over the words of fallible humans.

Ken Ham is founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis (USA) and founder of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The views expressed in this column belong to Ham.

Shaun White who is he

Shaun White, born in metropolis, American state on Sep three, 1986, had 2 viscus surgeries before the age of five because of a noninheritable heart defect. He began skating when following his older brother to the close YMCA, and took up snowboarding at the age of vi. referred to as the "Flying Tomato," White could be a cheat Olympic gold medalist, and has won many medals at the Winter and Summer X Games.
White has competed within the Winter X-Games since 2002, amassing eight medals, together with the primary four-peat by a male contestant in one discipline: The slopestyle. In 2006, he won the ribbon within the public convenience halfpipe at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. He went on to win another goln within the public convenience halfpipe in 2012, at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

White is additionally knowledgeable skater, gaining inspiration from legend Tony Hawk, whom White met at age 9. In 2006, he won initial place at the condensate Action Sports Tour's Right Guard Open in skateboard vert. he's the sole jock to land the bodyvarial frontside 540.

Known for his shock of red hair, he's usually known as the "Flying Tomato," or Il Pomodoro Volante in European country, wherever he's additionally in style. White signed his initial support at age vi with Burton snowboards. He has had a full roll of sponsors throughout his career, together with T-mobile, Target, Mountain condensate and H.P.. His career has additionally spurred many promotional comes, together with a snowboarding computer game, a vesture line and a number of other snowboarding DVDs.
In Sep 2012, White was in remission for public intoxication and devilry when a rowdy edifice keep in Nashville, Tennessee. White allegedly destroyed a phone and force a hearth alarm within the edifice, inflicting patrons to evacuate the building. per reports, White tried to escape the edifice in a very taxi, and once a edifice patron tried to prevent him from effort, White kicked him and ran from the edifice. A chase ensured—the patron pursued White on foot—until White fell, touching his head on a close-by fence. White was treated for his injuries at a close-by hospital and when his unleash, he was in remission and reserved by officers.

Independiente Santa Fe vs Morelia

i saw the game, is it me or this game was amazingly biase to the colombians.... i remember telling this to a friend after morelia beat them 2-1 that their going to lose in bogota because fact the refs are very biase

Well of course the South American refs are going to be biased. They have always been like that. I remember back in the Sudamericana Final between America and Arsenal the mexican commentators were mad because Arsenal kept getting fouls in there favor or calls. 

Morelia is at fault here for not finishing the series at home. The last thing a mexican club should do is go to foreign territory with a slight lead that could be ended with an away goal. 

Mexican clubs always get fkd over in south america. It has happened every time, just look at the history. It starts off in Mexico and ends in the south. Many factors such as shytty refs play a role. Only Cruz Azul was close to winning libertadores, but they choked in penalties. Pachuca was successful in winning a south america tournament, and now Mexican clubs cannot participate in it; only libertadores.