Shaun White who is he

Shaun White, born in metropolis, American state on Sep three, 1986, had 2 viscus surgeries before the age of five because of a noninheritable heart defect. He began skating when following his older brother to the close YMCA, and took up snowboarding at the age of vi. referred to as the "Flying Tomato," White could be a cheat Olympic gold medalist, and has won many medals at the Winter and Summer X Games.
White has competed within the Winter X-Games since 2002, amassing eight medals, together with the primary four-peat by a male contestant in one discipline: The slopestyle. In 2006, he won the ribbon within the public convenience halfpipe at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. He went on to win another goln within the public convenience halfpipe in 2012, at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

White is additionally knowledgeable skater, gaining inspiration from legend Tony Hawk, whom White met at age 9. In 2006, he won initial place at the condensate Action Sports Tour's Right Guard Open in skateboard vert. he's the sole jock to land the bodyvarial frontside 540.

Known for his shock of red hair, he's usually known as the "Flying Tomato," or Il Pomodoro Volante in European country, wherever he's additionally in style. White signed his initial support at age vi with Burton snowboards. He has had a full roll of sponsors throughout his career, together with T-mobile, Target, Mountain condensate and H.P.. His career has additionally spurred many promotional comes, together with a snowboarding computer game, a vesture line and a number of other snowboarding DVDs.
In Sep 2012, White was in remission for public intoxication and devilry when a rowdy edifice keep in Nashville, Tennessee. White allegedly destroyed a phone and force a hearth alarm within the edifice, inflicting patrons to evacuate the building. per reports, White tried to escape the edifice in a very taxi, and once a edifice patron tried to prevent him from effort, White kicked him and ran from the edifice. A chase ensured—the patron pursued White on foot—until White fell, touching his head on a close-by fence. White was treated for his injuries at a close-by hospital and when his unleash, he was in remission and reserved by officers.