Independiente Santa Fe vs Morelia

i saw the game, is it me or this game was amazingly biase to the colombians.... i remember telling this to a friend after morelia beat them 2-1 that their going to lose in bogota because fact the refs are very biase

Well of course the South American refs are going to be biased. They have always been like that. I remember back in the Sudamericana Final between America and Arsenal the mexican commentators were mad because Arsenal kept getting fouls in there favor or calls. 

Morelia is at fault here for not finishing the series at home. The last thing a mexican club should do is go to foreign territory with a slight lead that could be ended with an away goal. 

Mexican clubs always get fkd over in south america. It has happened every time, just look at the history. It starts off in Mexico and ends in the south. Many factors such as shytty refs play a role. Only Cruz Azul was close to winning libertadores, but they choked in penalties. Pachuca was successful in winning a south america tournament, and now Mexican clubs cannot participate in it; only libertadores.